Smudge & Send : Diagnostic Kit for plant verification

An End to Cannabis Inconsistency

Much of the inconsistency in cannabis is derived from plant source mix-up. For that purpose we developed Smudge & Send, an affordable easy-to-use genetic test kit for testing Mother-plants, clones, flowers etc

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Smudge & Send enables its user to distinguish between two different types of cannabis genetics and to identify whether clones, flowers or mother plants actually originated from a specific plant source.

This “true-to-type” QA kit assists the grower in preventing mix-up of plant material during the production process, enables extractors and dispensaries to validate the source of supplied material.

How it works:

Step 01

Contact us to mail you a test kit

Step 02

Smudge the sample
& origin plant onto
the papers provided

Step 03

Mail the test kit
back to our lab

Step 04

Receive the test results via email

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