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The worlds first F1 Hybrid seeds

No More Clones

Understand CanBreed in 2 minutes

Our technology and genetics provide Cannabis and Hemp growers with the needed solution that maintains consistency, uniformity and profitability of growing the raw material.

CanBreed is at the forefront of finally enabling standardization of Cannabis and Hemp industry

The Perfect Seed

Our technology offers a solution to both the growers
and users of Cannabis and Hemp

The weakest link of the cannabis and hemp industry is lack of stable seeds and the reliance on cloning.
This absence of reliable seeds causes:

  • lack of uniformity - genetically unstable  genetics yield inconsistent results
  • Higher expenses - cloning requires substantial labor and growing area and cannot be stock piled
  • Unpredictability - cannabinoid levels fluctuate significantly - sub-optimal results, harvests are discarded
  • Unreliability - growth and quality are inconsistent and sensitive to climate fluctuations

Our Solution

  • The Perfect Seed -  CanBreed's F1 Hybrid seeds are unique, as they are 100% uniform, stable and identical.For the first time you get perfect genetics for mass production just by seeds, which enables  consistency, stability and a repeatable outcome.It’s the reliable and profitable choice, for the growers and even the  end users.